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Campus & Off-Campus Safety

Madison is a safe city, especially when you look at it on paper. Still, there are many more things we can do to make it safer, and to make students feel safer.​


Increased street lighting is one of the best ways to encourage general safety, and the neighborhood streets off campus are lacking lights. Whether it's neighborhood street, the Southwest Commuter Path, or the Lakeshore Path, I believe we should light it up so people can see their surroundings for safety.


There are too many instances where students feel unsafe taking a certain route back home, especially when it's dark out with fewer people around in winter. ​Safety also comes in the form of prevention education. Over 1/4 women and nearly 1/6 men report being a victim of sexual violence, and that's only taking into account that about 25% of people report it in the first place. There are numerous resources in and off campus for students, from the Rape Crisis Center, PAVE, and UHS -- however encouraging more community involvement and education will help prevent sexual violence. The Dane County District Attorney's office also rarely takes up cases of sexual violence; I will work with the DA's office to ensure that cases are properly handled as brought forth.​


Education can also be used in other forms of safety, such as promoting the use of SafeWalk, encouraging students to sign up for UWPD's Crime & Safety Alerts, and the University's Medical Amnesty Through Responsible Action program, along with others.

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